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Kurose Spiral Type Heat Exchanger

The spiral plate heat exchanger is made from two long metal plates around a core to form two concentric spiral flow passages, one for each fluid.

The plate edges are welded one side for each fluid. Channel plate width and spacing are optimized for the specified duty, maximum heat transfer, and ease of access.

The plate gap is maintained by piece which are called distance piece. Also we have an option model which do not require them.

Related to these structure KUROSE spiral heat exchanger has unique advantages over other types of heat exchangers like the shell and tube.


Strong on customized solutions

Low maintenance cost due to easy access

High heat transfer efficiency, higher than in shell & tubes

Design experience from more than 50 years of manufacturing

Basic structure (Type1)


Type 2 be used as a condenser under deep vacuum conditions, reboiler, gas cooler and heater. Vapor in cross flow and cooling medium in spiral flow. This flow direction can achieve extremely low vapor side pressure drop. And large flow cross-section can accept large vapor volumes. Also, short height of cross flow section is suitable in liquid to liquid duty with large flow imbalance.