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Shin Nippon Machinery, Steam Turbine, API611 & 612

SNM manufactures steam turbine for mechanical drive application as well as power generation application as per API611 and 612.

                                    Cover Range
Condensing Multistage Steam Turbine Condensing Multistage Axial Exhaust Steam Turbine
Single Stage Back-Pressure Steam Turbine Multistage Back Pressure Steam Turbine

SNM, Shin-Nippon Machinery has been the leading manufacturer of API611 and API612 Steam Turbine manufacturer in Japan for many years. Also Shin Nippon Machinery has been one of the leading company of steam turbine generator manufacturer for Power industry.

Customizable for today's advanced applications, SNM's small- and medium-size steam turbines have a distinguished record of worldwide installation, as well as a reputation for excellence as high-efficiency, independent power-generation turbines, energy-saving turbines, and compressor mechanical-drive turbines.

Their facility is in KURE City in Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan. All parts and assembly are completed in Japan.

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