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Shin Nippon Machinery, API610 Process Pump

PTNAS-46723   DSCF0016

Systematically responding to the needs of today's rapidly changing world of industry, SNM leverages established technologies and decades of experience to provide an optimized combination of leading-edge products.

Shin-Nippon Machinery has been the leading manufacturer of API610 Process Pump manufacturer in Japan for many years. Their facility is in KURE City in Hiroshima Prefecture. All products comply with API610 specification.

Also SNM is only the manufacturer who produce both API Steam Turbine and Process Pump
in the same facility.

SNM has the testing facility to run both 50Hz and 60Hz up to 6000Hp with 6,600ACV. 

When transferring fluids from a high-pressure tank to a low-pressure tank, hydraulic power recovery turbines use the pressure differential to turn a rotor and effectively recover energy.


Radially Split Single-Stage Overhung Pumps (API610 Class OH2)
Featuring centerline support, the NSI is appropriate for many high-temperature applications.


Radially Split Single-Stage Between Bearings Pump (API610 Class BB2)

Featuring a closed double-suction impeller, the HDV is appropriate for many high-volume, high-temperature, low-NPSH applications.       


Axially Split Multi-Stage Between Bearings Pumps (API610 Class BB3)
The precision-machined diffuser of the MTB allows for highly efficient operation even at low flow rates.     


Radially Split Multistage Double Casing Between Bearing Pumps (API610 Class BB5)
The BTBF is appropriate for many high-pressure, high-temperature, high-speed applications in a wide range of industrial processes. The BTBFD offers double-suction impeller at the first stage for low-NPSH applications.

Vertically Suspended Double Casing Diffuser Pump (API610 Class VS1 or VS6)
The CZ is appropriate for many low-temperature, low-NPSH applications in a wide range of industrial processes. In addition, when the casing is removed, it may be used as a submerged pump.